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Rael awards Mordechai Vanunu ‘Honorary Guide of Humanity’ title

French Raelian murdered in Ivory Coast

Rael: ‘Overpopulation is the true cause of Fukushima!’

Rael awards Dr. Amar Bose ‘Honorary Guide for Humanity’ title

French Raelian leader’s poignant victory: 15 days into his hunger strike, French government admits that he was denied access to his work at a nuclear plant because of his religion

French Government still silent as Raelian leader enters 14th day of hunger strike

International Raelian Movement claims Swiss justice conveys highly discriminatory message: ‘It’s OK to send death threats to Raelians.’

French Raelian leader declares hunger strike to protest discrimination against minorities in France - Civil servant of FT/Orange now four days without food in front of Moselle Prefecture

Rael supports Mugabe’s move to nationalize Western-owned companies in Zimbabwe

Raelian guide: ‘Rael’s assertion that 24 hours per week of water-only fasting increases life span and promotes a healthier body has been proven conclusively correct by a recent study.’

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