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Rael awards Mordechai Vanunu ‘Honorary Guide of Humanity’ title
Saturday 21 May 2011
French Raelian murdered in Ivory Coast
Sunday 15 May 2011
Rael: ‘Overpopulation is the true cause of Fukushima!’
Monday 09 May 2011
Rael awards Dr. Amar Bose ‘Honorary Guide for Humanity’ title
Monday 09 May 2011
French Raelian leader’s poignant victory: 15 days into his hunger strike, French government admits that he was denied access to his work at a nuclear plant because of his religion
Saturday 07 May 2011
French Government still silent as Raelian leader enters 14th day of hunger strike
Wednesday 04 May 2011
International Raelian Movement claims Swiss justice conveys highly discriminatory message: ‘It’s OK to send death threats to Raelians.’
Monday 02 May 2011
French Raelian leader declares hunger strike to protest discrimination against minorities in France - Civil servant of FT/Orange now four days without food in front of Moselle Prefecture
Monday 25 April 2011
Rael supports Mugabe’s move to nationalize Western-owned companies in Zimbabwe
Thursday 21 April 2011
Raelian guide: ‘Rael’s assertion that 24 hours per week of water-only fasting increases life span and promotes a healthier body has been proven conclusively correct by a recent study.’
Thursday 07 April 2011
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