Haber Öðesi French Government still silent as Raelian leader enters 14th day of hunger strike
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Wednesday 04 May 2011

LONDON, May 4 - According to a statement released this morning by the International Raelian Movement (IRM), the IRM's French leader is entering the 14th day of his hunger strike protest today in Metz, France.

After years of having access to sensitive locations, Kimbangu Piffer was abruptly told six years ago that he couldn’t work at the nuclear plant at Cattenom. He then asked the French authorities to explain why he was suddenly unwanted, but to date he hasn't received an answer.

“This situation illustrates the dangerous lack of respect that members of religious minorities face in France," said Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D., spokesperson for the IRM. “No one in the government has dared to tell Kimbangu why he was suddenly unwanted in his country, and they are probably too afraid of being condemned by the International community to admit he was refused because of his religion since that is obviously a violation of human rights."

Emphasizing the urgency of the situation, Boisselier asked the international community to save the French Raelian leader .

“Kimbangu Piffer, the French Raelian now into the 14th day of his hunger strike, will not give up because his life and the lives of all French Raelians have become hell," she said. "I know him, and he has reached the limit of what any individual can take in terms of insults. He will no longer let his religion and his fellow Raelians be insulted by the government. I know he will die if the authorities don't recognize that it was a mistake to remove Piffer's access to the nuclear plant.”

Over the last week, Raelians in many countries have made plans to visit French Embassies and voice their concern about the health and safety of Piffer and the other French Raelians.

“For 20 years, public opinion has been manipulated by the French government and the media to believe there are more than 150 dangerous religious or philosophical organizations in the country, including the Raelian Movement," Boisselier said. “But no evidence has ever been presented that could prove such danger and no criminal offense has ever been reported. Nevertheless, the negative label remains, generating fear and distrust among members of the public and frustration among the Raelians who have had enough.

“Many Raelians, including myself, have already left France so that we can live our religion freely,” Boisselier said. "But Piffer has chosen to stay and fight so that his country remembers what the term "human rights" means. He said he is ready to die for that, so I deeply hope that the French government will stop ignoring the situation and give him the minimum required, which is an answer to the question he has rightfully asked for 6 years: "Why am I unwanted at Cattenom?'"

In conclusion, Boisselier said the more than 80,000 Raelians of the world will be expressing their support to Kimbangu in front of most French embassies during this week.

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