Haber Öðesi Rael awards Dr. Amar Bose ‘Honorary Guide for Humanity’ title
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Monday 09 May 2011

LAS VEGAS, May 9 – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced on April 29 that Dr. Amar Bose, the 81-year-old founder of the sound system company that bears his name, has donated the majority of the Bose Corporation’s stock to the school. Following that announcement, Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement, decided to honor Bose with the title ‘Honorary Guide for Humanity’ for using a significant portion of his wealth to help science and education rather than leave it to his children as an inheritance.

According to MIT, the donation is in the form of non-voting shares, and the school will not participate in the management or governance of the company, but it will receive annual cash dividends on its shares when Bose pays them out.

Rael has bestowed the title of Honorary Guide for Humanity upon approximately 50 individuals. Each has placed a love for justice and humanity above his or her own comfort and career and often even above concern for personal safety.

In a recent address, Rael talked about the overpopulation problem humanity is facing, which he says is the ultimate cause behind all current crises.

“Every time a baby is born, there is more death to expect in the future because [additional babies] will need power and hence more Fukushimas,” he said. “The wise decision is to limit the population. Of course people want to love a child; it’s beautiful. But if we transfer this love for our own child, which is very selfish, to loving other people, to loving humanity, if we start considering humanity as our child, we don’t need the narcissistic experience of having a baby with the same face we have.”

According to a statement released today by the Raelian Movement, Bose’s gift to MIT is in the same vein; it is a gift to humanity, to those who will benefit from an MIT education and will hopefully remember Bose’s gesture by paying it forward.

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