Haber Öðesi International Raelian Movement claims Swiss justice conveys highly discriminatory message: ‘It’s OK to send death threats to Raelians.’
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Monday 02 May 2011

In a statement released this morning, the International Raelian Movement (IRM) said the Swiss justice looks the other way when death threats are made against Raelians.

“In 2005, just such a threat was sent to Swiss Raelians,” said Brigitte Boisselier, spokesperson for the IRM. “It included, among other insults, the words, ‘Let’s kill all the Raelians and their bastard leader,’ and, ‘Your sick Rael should be killed.’”

Boisselier said the Swiss Raelian Movement immediately filed a lawsuit. It also presented evidence of the threat to Swiss justice officials, she said. Then six years passed.

“After all this time, the Swiss justice authorities finally answered a few days ago and the message they sent is appalling,” Boisselier said. “In fact, everyone will conclude from their statement that it’s perfectly OK to send death threats to Raelians. They said the statute of limitations had been reached ‘since the facts of the case occurred on April 27, 2005.’ In other words, the file is now closed, and without having been studied by anyone in the Swiss justice over the past 6 years.”

Boisselier said the closed file represents discriminatory treatment by the Swiss justice authorities.

“It shows that hatred against religious minorities like the Raelians is deeply rooted in the Swiss society,” she said. “In fact, we’re reaching a dangerous level of discrimination close to what the Jewish people were facing in the last century. And I have no doubt that death threats against them were a source of laughter to justice officials at the time.”

Boisselier said the Raelians of Switzerland, France and Belgium have already filed complaints at the United Nations and have met several times with Asma Jahangir, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief, who has been receptive to the deteriorating situation of Raelians in those countries.

“This new example of obvious discrimination by the Swiss justice will be added to the already large discrimination file of the Rapporteur,” Boisselier said.

She added that the leader of the French Raelians is today entering the 14th day of his hunger strike protest in Metz, France.

“As in the Swiss matter, events leading up to this hunger strike actually started 6 years ago,” Boisselier said. “After years of having access to sensitive locations, our French leader was abruptly told that he couldn’t work at the nuclear plant at Cattenom. For 6 years, he has asked the French authorities to explain why he was suddenly unwanted, but to date he has received no answer.”

“The obvious lack of protection and respect for members of the Raelian Religion demonstrated by the governments and legal authorities in Switzerland and France urgently needs to be addressed,” Boisselier said. “They have ignored our complaints for years and have let the problem expand to a point that is now life-threatening.”

She said she had to leave France 12 years ago after losing her job and the custody of her children because of her religion.

“But my fellow Raelians still living there could now lose their lives,” she said. “That’s why we’re asking for the help of the international community, and we’re calling for everyone who still values human rights to ask the governments of France and Switzerland to respect their minorities and protect them before it’s too late.”

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