Haber Öðesi Rael: ‘The real revolution is to destroy every form of government.’
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Wednesday 16 March 2011

LAS VEGAS, March 17 - Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement, commented in a recent speech about the numerous countries revolting against their governments, including Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. But he said they aren’t going far enough.

“These are just little revolutions because they’re just exchanging their present governments for new ones,” he explained. “Those new ones will be the same because power is always bad. What we need is a free society. That’s the future of humanity.”

Rael said that according to the Messages given to him by the Elohim, the advanced civilization that created us, a system called geniocracy is used to guide the Elohim planet. But he said his efforts to share this important knowledge have met with skepticism, if not outright disapproval.

“When they hear about it, people usually think geniocracy is a political system in which geniuses have power over other people,” he said. “But this interpretation is totally stupid; there is no power on Elohim planet. Nobody has power there. The Elohim have elected geniuses to be their leaders, and these geniuses guide everybody by showing the way, not by dictating the way or by exercising any power.”

Rael explained that since there will be no need for governments in the future, there will be no governments at all.

“People call that anarchy, thinking that if there is no government and no power, there would be complete chaos, with everything upside down,” he said. “It’s not true!”

To show why such thinking is false, Rael referred to the social structure of ants, which have no governments. Nevertheless, everything works perfectly in ant societies, he said.

“In the social organization of ants, every ant works for the good of all,” he pointed out. “Each ant does what is best for everybody. In the ant society, there are no police or military. When there is no power, when there are no police and no laws, natural law comes into play and everybody wants to be good for everybody else.”

According to Rael, we actually don’t need governments, powers and police. We simply want to keep them.

“Some people have power and money and want more,” he explained. “They want everybody else to be slaves: to work, pay taxes, obey, and have no freedom. That’s what they want. But for themselves they want freedom, money and power. They want everything they want through corruption. And this is true everywhere. So the real revolution to come is a revolution that is not just changing the government but destroying any form of government.”

In the future, humanity won’t need any government at all, Rael emphasized.

“We don’t need power, because power destroys freedom, creates violence, creates poverty, creates hunger,” he said. “But geniocracy, yes; it’s good to have a group of geniuses, intelligent people thinking together about what kind of future humanity can have and presenting ideas that people can accept or not accept.”

He said that if all of humanity is “like a big ant hive,” then everybody should work for everybody else.

“Cooperation is the future of humanity, with everybody working for the good of everybody, and without the most terrible poisons of humanity: governments, police and laws,” Rael said, adding that when humanity has destroyed governments, police and laws, this planet will be a paradise.

“Paradism will be in place then,” he said. “And under paradism there will no longer be any money, as money is the fruit of power and government. In the future, and very soon, everyone will bring their money to public places and burn it all. We don’t need it if everybody works for the good of everybody else and everyone helps each other. The future of society is to do without money because money is only a poison given to you by the government.”

In conclusion, Rael reminded Raelians of their mission and named some of the steps needed to complete it.

“It is your mission to explain what a beautiful heaven we can create on this planet if we apply the teachings of our Creators, the Elohim,” he said. “Destroy all power; destroy all governments; destroy money; and create one unified planet.”

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