Haber Öðesi Rael awards Honorary Guide title to Northwestern University ‘Sex Professor’
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Wednesday 09 March 2011

LAS VEGAS, March 8 – In a statement released today Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement, awarded Northwestern University psychology Professor Michael Bailey the title “Honorary Guide of Humanity”.

According to media reports, Bailey offered approximately 100 students an after-class opportunity to watch a couple give a live sex toy demonstration in his classroom.

Along with conferring the Honorary Guide title, Rael praised Bailey’s initiative and made several comments concerning the complaints and reprimands lodged against him.

“This [demonstration of a sex toy in Bailey’s classroom] is a great example of sex education that should happen everywhere in the world,” he said. “Such demonstrations should even be available for much younger students as soon as they reach puberty!”

In his statement, Rael also called for people to “send their support to this teacher who dares to go against all the dangerous sexual taboos prevailing in the United States.”

The Raelian Movement is well known for its hedonistic values and for promoting free sexuality as part of a healthy, harmonious life. Some examples:

• Rael promotes the practice of masturbation and has joined forces for a conference on the subject with feminist Betty Dobson.
• He created Rael’s Girls to help sex workers eliminate any guilt they may feel about their chosen livelihood.
• He launched the successful “GoTopLess Day,” on which hundreds of women publicly claim the right to go bare-chested as men do if they so choose.
• He launched the construction of the “Pleasure Hospital” in Africa, where women who suffered female genital mutilation can receive repair surgery for free.

“All these actions are aimed at counterbalancing the highly puritanical views on sexuality that religions of the past have imposed on us,” explained Ricky Roehr, leader of the Raelian Movement in North America. “Professor Bailey’s contribution is most welcomed in the United States, which is paralyzed by its Puritanism.”

U.S. Raelians will soon be conducting their annual seminar, the “Happiness Academy,” in Las Vegas. The weeklong event emphasizes and teaches Raelian values of happiness, pleasure, respect for differences and a committed respect for absolute nonviolence.

“While we do not organize sexual activity at our seminars, we always encourage attendees to experiment and enjoy themselves fully, so long as it is always done between consenting adults and with respect for others,” said Ricky Roehr.

Along with bestowing the Honorary Guide award, Rael requested that Bailey receive a special invitation to the Las Vegas Happiness Academy, where he would find “a very supportive audience.”

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