Haber Öðesi ‘God is a Myth!’ Raelian Movement launches atheistic campaign
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Monday 28 February 2011

LAS VEGAS, Feb 28 – The International Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) has just launched the next phase of its atheistic campaign by purchasing very high profile billboard space on the busy I-15 southbound freeway in Las Vegas. Each month for the next six months, hundreds of thousands of people will see the huge “GOD IS A MYTH” message while commuting or visiting the city.

Ricky Roehr, leader for the North American Raelian Movement, explained why the Raelians plan to make this huge public statement that will possibly upset so many Christians and members of other religious faiths.

“If you drive the freeway between Vegas and Los Angeles, you’ll see several signs warning drivers to follow the Bible or else face eternal hell,” he said. “Those signs are designed to make viewers feel fear and guilt. We want to counterbalance that fear by letting them know there is no God or Devil. There’s no need to live in fear. We should enjoy our precious lives to the fullest while of course giving love all around us. Surely that’s a message even Christians recognize as one that Jesus taught. But, whether the source is the Bible, the Koran, or Greek or Roman mythology, all gods are myths, just as there’s no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny etc. What there are, however, are human beings who were advanced scientists who created all forms of life, known as the Elohim. You can read about them in the oldest versions of the Bible, and the oldest versions are always the less polluted versions.”

Roehr said the Raelian explanation about the extraterrestrial origin of life has become even more popular in the United States after the History Channel’s “Ancient Astronauts” series presented evidence of this advanced race’s interaction with us thousands of years ago.

“Making people live in fear not only greatly diminishes the quality of life; it facilitates intolerance and hate,” Roehr said. “But religious leaders know that fearful masses are much easier to control. Humanity is paying a huge penalty for all this fear because when people live in fear, all higher thinking like love and compassion shuts down. That’s why violence continues on Earth, and this is why we cannot stay silent like most atheists do when we see god believers maintaining people in fear and promoting their scriptures full of hatred and encouraging so many crimes.”

Raelians are conducting their annual Happiness Academy (seminar) in Las Vegas from March 27 to April 2 at the Alexis Park Hotel. Raelian seminars are known for teaching tools for attaining happiness and for promoting hedonistic values, science and art.

“The God of the Koran is mythical to Christians and the Gods of Hinduism are myths to monotheists,” Roehr said. “Whether he’s a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian, one man’s true religion is always another man’s myth. We Raelians just deny the existence of one more God than they do. Yet there’s a very important difference between most atheists and the Raelians: We’re still Creationists! The Raelian Movement is an atheistic religion that is preparing humanity to welcome back its true creators, the Elohim, without fear or guilt.”

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