Haber Öðesi Rael: Elimination of suits and ties is a step in the right direction!
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Friday 18 February 2011

LAS VEGAS, Feb 18 – Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement, applauded the result of a recent poll of British workers in which rigid dress codes were shown to be on the way out, with only one out of 10 employees wearing a suit daily and only 18 percent wearing a tie. A similar trend has been observed in most Western countries.

“This is a wonderful trend that was long overdue,” Rael said in a statement released today. “Finally, and thankfully, the ugliest men’s fashion in history is disappearing. This elimination is not only important for beauty, but also has deep implications in terms of conformism and conservatism, both of which are thankfully disappearing as well.”

Rael has suffered repeated criticism about his outfit, which he designed himself to encourage people to wear what they want rather than what the “fashionably correct” are telling them to wear.

He added, “Although this first step [of eliminating suits, ties and rigid dress codes] is small, let’s hope that original and ‘crazy’ clothing shapes will return, since they’ve been here for the majority of human history. They will also help create a more peaceful and tolerant society, one where differences are not only accepted but promoted.

Rael explained that the promotion of differences is “the only way to avoid a terrible bureaucratic normalization imposed by centralized governments trying to impose more control over the population.”

A rigid suit-and-necktie dress code is a telltale indicator of a Western militant society, according to Rael. But he added that conformity of dress is also imposed in childhood.

“It starts with uniforms in schools, which should be forbidden worldwide because uniforms homogenize children, killing their originality and creativity,” he said. “It’s time to completely destroy the militaristic heritage of our ancestors, who almost destroyed the world.”

Rael has long encouraged the abandonment of suit and tie in ex-colonized countries. As a spiritual leader, he sees the use of the “Western uniform” by African or Asian people as submission to ex-colonial authorities.

“Already in Africa, more and more people are abandoning European dress for a return to colorful, traditional African attire,” he said. “And the trend is the same in Asia, where kimonos have always been the most beautiful dresses in the world, making European three-piece suits look ridiculous. Finally, thanks to the younger generation and its attraction to Cosplay outfits, the European suit for men, the ugliest fashion of all time, is definitely on its way out!”

Spiritual leader Rael gives several week long seminars each year – at least one on each continent – in which he teaches participants to be themselves.

“Do everything you can to stay away from ‘good taste,’ which is just a form of normalization that denies other people the right to have different tastes, or just to be different,” Rael explained.

Rael’s next seminar, the Raelian Happiness Academy, will be held in Las Vegas from March 27th to April 3rd. To register, visit www.rael.org and go to “seminars.”

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