Haber Öðesi Rael to Swiss banks: ‘Freeze tyrants’ funds while they’re still in power!’
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Gönderen Raelian Movement
Monday 14 February 2011

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 14 – Upon hearing that the Swiss government has frozen any assets in its banks belonging to former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak or his family, Rael commented on what he called “this additional proof of the cowardice and opportunistic position taken by Switzerland, which waits until tyrants are deposed to freeze their assets.”

“If Switzerland were to be such a promoter of freedom and democracy, it should freeze the assets of tyrants and their relatives while they are still in power, not after they have been toppled by popular revolutions,” he said in a statement released this morning. “It’s not too late for Switzerland to freeze the assets of all remaining dictators if it wants to show the world it’s an honest protector of democracy and freedom.”

Accordingly, Rael called for Switzerland to immediately freeze the assets of the king of Saudi Arabia and those of the Burmese generals while they’re still in power.

“Doing this would prove the Swiss are not hypocrites and that no tyrant can continue to hide money he steals from the people in Switzerland,” he said. But he added, “Will Switzerland do it? I doubt it. As usual, the Swiss will wait until the tyrants are deposed.”

Rael recommended that the people of Saudi Arabia and Burma remember this behavior by boycotting any financial relations with Switzerland once they become free.

“Tunisia and Egypt should start such a boycott immediately,” Rael said. “Many other countries can provide financial services similar to or even better than those provided by Switzerland, and without accepting money from tyrants and Nazis like Switzerland did. Out of respect for the memory of ancestors robbed by Nazis, whose money was used for a very long time for the profit of Swiss banks, no Jew should keep any money in Switzerland.”

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