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Raelian women worldwide invite humanity to celebrate February as ‘Women's Sexual Pleasure Month’ and share their ‘comings’

Rael in Favor of Parthenogenesis to Reduce Violence

Clitoraid proposes ‘Healing Day’ to take ‘Zero Tolerance Day’ a big step further

UFO over Jerusalem: Another attempt by the Elohim to wake up the Chosen People

Rael: ‘Genetically modified food is the only answer!’ - Scientific study confirms Rael's prediction

Rael asks Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara to mutually declare secession of the north and south and establish two independent states

Rael: ‘For his stance on condoms, Pope Benedict XVI should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.’

Julian Assange named Honorary Guide of Humanity

Rael supports Norwegian minister’s decision to ban new mosques financed with Saudi money

Rael supports German government’s publication about healthy sex

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